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The research group


This is the main page of the Conceptual Modeling of Information Systems research group from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). Our group is mainly composed by researchers belonging to the Servicies and Information Systems Engineering Department (ESSI).

The main goal of this research group is to study several aspects related to the Information Systems Conceptual Modeling.

Currently, we are working in a project whose main goal is to create a framework that supports the designer in the conceptual modeling tasks.

Topics of interest

The topics of interest of our group are:

  • Conceptual Modeling.
  • Validation of conceptual specifications.
  • Behavioral Schemas in conceptual modeling.
  • Integrity Constraints.
  • Object Oriented Analysis.
Group members
Jordi Cabot Sagrera
Robert Clarisó Viladrosa
Jordi Conesa Caralt
Cristina Gómez Seoane
Mon López Rodríguez
Enric Mayol Sarroca
Antoni Olivé Ramon
Joan Antoni Pastor Collado
Elena Planas Hortal
Anna Queralt Calafat
Ruth Raventos Pages
Ma Ribera Sancho Samsó
Ernest Teniente Lopez
Albert Tort Pugibet
Antonio Villegas Nino
David Aguilera Moncusí